Best Guinea Pig Harness to Buy: A Comprehensive Review in 2021

Guinea pigs are becoming very popular with pet owners. As a result, the population of guinea pigs is increasing very fast. Before, guinea pigs were only seen as lab specimens for carrying out biological research. But lately, that has changed and these lovely rodents have found a way to warm themselves into the hearts of many pet lovers. As a result, the demand for guinea pig harness and other small pet accessories have increased.

Since there are several guinea pig accessories, with most of them resembling each other, buying the right item may be quite confusing. That is why we have reviewed for you the best guinea pig harness so that you only buy products that will suit your lovely guinea pig.

RYPET Guinea Pig Harness
Best Guinea Pig Harness Overall: RYPET Guinea Pig Harness
UUZIYOU Small Pet Harness and Leash
Best High-Quality Cotton Harnesses: UUZIYOU Small Pet Harness and Leash
PERSUPER Small Pet Soft Mesh Harness
Best Adjustable Harness for Guinea Pig: PERSUPER Small Pet Soft Mesh Harness
Trixie Pet Harness with Leash
Best Harnesses for Rat and Guinea Pig: Trixie Pet Harness with Leash
PERSUPER Small Animals Harness
Best Beautiful Girlish Harness: PERSUPER Small Animals Harness

Best Guinea Pig Harness Overall

RYPET Guinea Pig Harness

RYPET Guinea Pig Harness

If you are looking to buy a guinea pig harness of high quality that you will not regret buying, then the RYPET Guinea Pig Harness is what you should go for. It is designed with all the features that make it perfect for small pets like guinea pigs.

First of all, the RYPET harness is made of soft and breathable mesh fabric. It’s therefore ideal for use during all seasons. Due to its softness, it will not strain your pet’s neck. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is comfortable throughout.

The harness is designed to be easy to put on. All you need to do is to unclip it and lay it on the floor. You should then place it on your pet’s back after which you clip the Velcro under the chest and neck. The harness is perfect for walking with your pet.

You can also jog with your pet with a lot of ease. It comes with an almost 5ft leash. You can also use this harness with your other pets like pet rats and baby ferrets. To guarantee quality, the company offers a warranty for this harness.

Best High-Quality Cotton Harnesses for Guinea Pig

UUZIYOU Small Pet Harness and Leash

UUZIYOU Small Pet Harness and Leash

If you are coming across the name for the first time, it may sound complex. However, when it comes to putting it on, it is very easy. With a chest size of 7 to 8.7 inches, this harness is perfectly suited for small pets like guinea pigs.

The UUZIYOU pet harness puts a lot of emphasis on quality. That is why it uses high-quality cotton as the main fabric. The cotton fabric makes it super light and comfortable. Your guinea pig can wear it all day without any discomfort. The harness is also non-toxic. It is fitted with Velcro straps to secure it on your furry baby.

The harness is also easy to maintain since it is machine-washable. What you will also love about this harness is that you can use it on any of your small pets. You are not only limited to guinea pigs. If you have a squirrel, Hedgehog Ferret, or a Pig Rabbit, this harness will be perfect. The harness is incredibly cute. It can serve as a present to any of your friends or family who as a guinea pig.

Best Adjustable Harness for Guinea Pig

PERSUPER Small Pet Soft Mesh Harness

PERSUPER Small Pet Soft Mesh Harness

An adjustable harness is what your guinea pig needs to ensure that you don’t strain its neck. It allows you to adjust the fit depending on the size of your pet. The Persuper pet harness is of superior quality, thanks to its soft texture and high-quality nylon. It is designed to be comfortable for your pet even during hot weather due to its breathability.

Besides being breathable, it is also light. It comes with a leash that is 42 inches long. This ensures that you can comfortably walk or jog with your pet without pulling and tugging. That’s not all, the harness also comes with a bell. The bell helps to notify you when your pet is running around you. This will prevent you from accidentally stepping on your pet.

This guinea pig harness is also easy to use. It is fitted with quick-release snaps that make it easy to put it on your pet or remove it. It comfortably hugs your pet without limiting its movements. Walking your guinea pig in a harness helps to make their movements more agile while also giving you the chance to bond with your pet.

Best Harnesses for Rat and Guinea Pig

Trixie Pet Harness with Leash

Trixie Pet Harness with Leash

If you want a harness that you can use on both a guinea pig and a rat, then the Trixie Pet Harness is the right product. One of its key features is its comfort level. It is made of mesh nylon that makes it breathable. This ensures that your guinea pig will remain comfortable even if the harness is on throughout.

Besides being breathable, the harness is made even more comfortable since it is padded with a soft material. It is fitted with snap buckles that secure it on your pet. The Velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off. The straps are also adjustable on the belly and chest. This is very useful in adjusting the harness for a perfect fit.

Another feature that you will love about this harness is its 1.2m long leash. With this leash, you can jog or walk with your pet comfortably without any pulling along. The leash is super elastic. It is available in bright colors that make it very beautiful.

Best Beautiful Girlish Harness for Guinea Pig

PERSUPER Small Animals Harness

PERSUPER Small Animals Harness

Your petite cute furry baby also deserves to look the best. That is why you should buy the PERSUPER Small Animal Harness with Leash. Its bright pink color will make your pet look beautiful. The harness is made of nylon, giving it superior quality. It consists of a breathable mesh making it ideal for use even during the summer.

The harness is made using soft materials. This prevents it from putting any strain on your pet’s neck which may lead to discomfort and injuries. That’s not all; its simple structure makes it super easy to use. It comes with Velcro straps under the belly and chest for a secure fit. The straps are easy to lock and unlock.

The harness also comes with a leash for walking your pet or jogging along with your pet. The leash is long enough to prevent frequent along. Apart from guinea pigs, this harness is also perfect for use with other small pets such as rats and ferrets.

Guinea Pig Harness Styles

There are several guinea pig styles to choose from. Your style of choice will depend on your personal preference as well as whether you think it will be best for your pet. You will come across three major harness styles when shopping for a harness for your guinea pig. They include mesh harness, vest harness, and H-style harness.

A mesh type of harness is the best in terms of comfort and breathability. If your pet’s comfort is your main priority, then you should buy a mesh harness. Vest harness on the other hand is good when it comes to their hold. If you want a harness that will securely fit on your pet, then this is the style to go for. Lastly, for H-style harness, they are easy to put on and take off. They are also breathable.

Is a Harness Bad for Your Guinea Pig?

You might be wondering whether it is safe to use a harness on your guinea pig. Well, making your guinea pig wearing a harness is not dangerous. However, you have to ensure that you are using it the correct way. For example, you should avoid going in the direction that is opposite to what your guinea pig wants to take. This helps to prevent any accidental tugging that may cause injuries.

Although using a harness is safe, you must still be keen to ensure that you are not hurting your guinea pig. Watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Increased nervousness.
  •  Irritability.
  • Fear of contact.
  • Hair loss around the area.

You shouldn’t put on the harness on your pet too tight. On the other hand, if it’s too loose, your guinea pig might slip out and run away. It is also advisable to limit the use of the harness. You shouldn’t use it all the time. Overusing the harness may make your guinea pig develop back problems.

Can You Take a Guinea Pig for a Walk?

 Guinea pig posing on grass

The issue regarding walking guinea pigs is becoming a controversial one with many people having their various opinions. Well, it is allowed to take your guinea pig for a walk but under certain conditions. We know that guinea pigs are a lot smaller and different from your normal cats and dogs. This means you can’t take them for the normal walks that cats and dogs usually enjoy. They must not on any occasion be taken for the normal outdoor walks. However, walking your guinea pigs on a leash is allowed.

How to Put On a Harness on a Guinea Pig

Putting on the harness in the right way is very important. Here is how to go about it. Place the harness on a flat surface like a countertop or table. Ensure that you position it in such a way that the longer straps will secure the bottom of your guinea pig while the shorter strap will go around the neck area.

Put the harness on your guinea pig and start with securing it around the neck. Make sure there is no hair on the way to prevent the harness from pulling on the hair and causing injuries. Next, secure the long strap of the harness around the belly.

You should then check to see that the harness is not too tight on your pet’s body by making sure that you can at least fit your finger between the harness and your pet’s body. Finally, attach the leash to the harness. You and your pet are now ready to go for a walk.


We take pleasure and pride in advising pet owners on the best products for their furry babies. This is why we have picked for you 5 of the best guinea pig harness. You can choose one that you feel will suit your pet.

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