Guinea Pig Nail Clippers: Review and Buying Guide in 2021

Guinea pigs are becoming more and more popular in the pet world since they are low-maintenance pets. However, guinea pigs still require some care and tender loving. Making sure your guinea pig’s nails are trimmed is one of the important aspects of maintaining your pet’s hygiene. You need the best guinea pig nail clippers for the best results.

If your guinea pig’s nails are left untrimmed, they get long and start curling under. Besides impairing your pet’s natural gait, it could also lead to joint issues and other injuries. Establishing a nail clipping routine will prevent your pet’s nails from growing too long.

Kaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer
Best Overall Guinea Pig Nail Clippers: Kaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer
Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper
Best Clippers Designed for Guinea Pigs: Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper
Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle
Best Guinea Pig Electric Nail Grinder: Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle

Best Overall Guinea Pig Nail Clippers

Kaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer

Kaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer

The Kaytee pro-nail trimmer is the best clippers for small pets like guinea pigs. This is due to its small size that makes it easy to use. The nail trimmer is designed to offer a decent grip even if you have big fingers. Safety is also an important feature of the design of this nail trimmer. It will not rip or snag your pet’s nails.

You will also love the visibility that you will have when using the Kaytee nail trimmers as compared to other low-quality clippers. No more feeling nervous or insecure when clipping your guinea pig’s nails. It’s also made with professional quality to make trimming the nails a breeze. You can also use this nail clipper on your other small pets.

Best Clippers Designed for Guinea Pigs

Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper

Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper

If you are looking for a nail clipper that is specifically made for guinea pigs, then the Frjjthchy clipper is what you need. It is made of zinc and carbon steel alloy, making it very durable. It is designed with small animal nails in mind.

Since it is knife sharp, you can confidently cut your pet’s nails without worrying about hurting your pet. Even better, the nail clipper comes with a magnifying glass that lets you see everything clearly so that you don’t damage the quick or injure the bloodlines. No more being afraid of clipping the nails of your guinea pig for the fear of causing injuries.

The nail clipper is also very easy to use. You can also use it on your other small pets like rabbits, cats or puppies. Its design will give you a firm grip on your fingers so you can trim nails safely and comfortably.

Best Clippers for Small Pets

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals by SHINY PET

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals by SHINY PET

Designed with small pets in mind, this pet nail clipper is good for use on guinea pigs. It is made to be safe and easy to use. It is fitted with razor-sharp blades to cut even the toughest nails without snagging the nails. Its handles are made of top-grade plastic.

The handles are designed to provide an ergonomic grip. The steel blades have a semi-circular edge to facilitate precise and clean cuts.

The grip is further enhanced with a rubberized coating to prevent you from accidentally injuring your pet. Even better, the company provides guide tutorials on how to use the clipper. You can get the tutorials by scanning the QR code on the clipper packaging using your smartphone. You can use the clippers at home or professionally if you are a pet groomer.

Best Stylish Pet Nail Clipper

H&H Pets Professional Nail Clipper

H&H Pets Professional Nail Clipper

Cute pets like guinea pigs deserve a stylish nail clipper like the H&H. The clipper is lightweight, making it perfect for small pets. The manufacture has taken the safety of your pet into great considerations. As a result, the H&H clipper features a scissor-like design so that you can safely trim your pet’s nails. Additionally, a slip-proof coating on the handles further enhances your grip.

The clipper’s handles are coated with rubber to enhance your grip for a safe nail trimming session. H&H pet nail clipper is easy to use thanks to its high quality. The steel blades are stainless, durable, and hypoallergenic. The company also provides detailed instructions on how to use the clippers safely.

To guarantee you value for your money, the manufacturer offers a lifetime money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the clipper. The manufacturer also donates 15% of its profits from every purchase to animal rescue organizations.

Best Guinea Pig Electric Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle

Electric nail grinders are more effective than manual trimmers. They are also safer because the risk of accidentally clipping the nails too short and hurting your pet is greatly reduced. One of the features that we loved about the Hertzko electric pet nail grinder is its 3 size ports. You can choose a particular opening depending on the size of your pet’s nails.

If you want to trim even larger nails, you can just remove the entire cover. The nail grinder is designed to be low noise thanks to its super-quiet motor. As a result, it will not make your pet uncomfortable. Its simplicity and portability is also another reason why you should get it. The grinder is rechargeable and easy to clean.

Various Types of Guinea Pig Nail Clippers

Hands trimming claws of guinea pig with pet clippers

Shopping for a nail trimmer for your guinea pig? You will come across 4 main variations.

Guillotine Clippers

This type of nail clipper is suitable for pets with thinner nails, and that is why they are recommended for use on guinea pigs. They are very easy to handle, even for people with arthritis and other hand pains. A guillotine clipper has two blades. The lower blade is fixed while the upper blade is movable. When you press the handles to cut the nails, the upper blade comes down and slices the nails.

Scissor Style Clippers

These kinds of nail clippers are popular because of their straightforward design. They are similar to scissors, only that the tip of their blade tips have a special notch on their tips for clipping nails. They are small in size hence perfect for small pets like guinea pigs. They are easy to hold which makes clipping your guinea pig’s nails a breeze. Scissor nail clippers are also widely available as compared to other pet nail clippers.

Plier-Style Nail Clippers

They are the most beginner-friendly pet nail clippers. This is because of their design that is a combination of scissors and guillotine clippers. With a plier-style clipper, you have a better view to prevent cutting off excess nails and causing injuries to your pet.

Electric Nail Grinders

Although they are quite slower than manual nail clippers, they are much safer. They trim nails by filing them. They are ideal when you want to clip your pet’s nails safely and achieve a smooth finish.

Choosing the Best Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

Woman hands cutting claws of guinea pig with nail clipper

You will come across several nail clipper brands. As a result, you may not know how to choose the best nail trimmer for your guinea pig. Here are what you should consider when buying a pet nail clipper.


You will have four categories to choose from as discussed above. You will select the type that you feel will be suitable for your pet.


While trimming your pet’s nails, you want to make sure that your guinea pig is comfortable throughout the whole session. Your comfort as a clipper is also worth considering. As a result, you should buy a clipper that is comfortable to handle. The handle should be rubberized to give you a firm grip.

Blade Quality

A good clipper should stay sharper for longer and should cut the nails with ease without pulling. A good quality blade should be made of stainless steel so that it is rust-resistant. Using a clipper with a dull blade will be painful to your guinea pig. They may end up disliking the whole nail trimming process.

Safety Features

You don’t want to end up over trimming your pet’s nail as this could lead to injuries. To prevent such accidents from happening, you should buy nail clippers that have quick guards.


Q: After How Long Should I Clip my Guinea Pig’s nails?

Normally, a guinea pig will require some nail trimming once every month. However, other factors will also determine how often you will have to trim your pet. For example, if your pet walks a lot on hard surfaces, then his nails will not grow too long since they will be frequently breaking. So you won’t need to trim the nails frequently.

Q: Can I Use Human Scissors?

No. Using human scissors o trim your pet’s nails will be disastrous. Your guinea pig has small nails that human scissors will not handle. Stick to nail clippers that are meant for guinea pigs and other small pets.

Q: How Can I Sharpen my Pet Nail Clippers?

If it’s used frequently, the nail clippers may start to become dull. As a result, trimming your pet’s nails may not be as effective and safe. How to your clipper will depend on its design. If it is a lever design, you have to remove the lever first before sharpening the blades using a sharpening tool.


Nail trimming is one of the important hygiene routines for a guinea pig. It helps to keep the nails short at all times so that it doesn’t affect your pet’s natural gait. With the best guinea pig nail clippers, you don’t have to take your pet to a groomer. Even if it is your first time clipping the nails, you won’t have a hard time doing it. Which guinea pig nail clipper do you think is the best from our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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